Top 5 Kitchen Cabinetry Ideas

If there’s one thing you need to focus on in kitchen design, it’s cabinetry. The best cabinets not only provide make your home look beautiful. They also provide storage space, help you enhance the functionality of your kitchen, and make it easier for you to do kitchen work.

Here are some ideas that are sure to dominate kitchen design for some time because of their sheer functionality and flair.

1. Multiple Finishes

Today, homeowners have their pick of cabinetry finishes. Traditionally, the single-color scheme has been widely utilized but these days, some people are moving to multiple colors.

The kitchen island can have a different color, making it look more like a centerpiece than a part of the usual layout. You can also opt for the upper and base cabinets having different colors.

Color options are endless. Grey, soft greens, and other light neutral colors will have a brightening effect that make the space look bigger, cheery, and more airy, but the darker shades have their own appeal they look sophisticated. And of course, traditional wood finishing will always be a good choice.

2. Staggered kitchen cabinets

This is just one of the ways in which you can give your kitchen space more dimension. The matter of how to stagger kitchen cabinets may seem complex, but it’s actually pretty simple if you can just choose one or two cabinets to place above the rest.

One of the most popular options is to make the corner wall cabinet a bit taller than the other wall cabinets.
You can also make oven cabinets and place one above the refrigerator and have them about half a foot (15 cm) taller than the rest.

Another way to create a subtle focal point and have that staggered kitchen look is to have a beautiful wooden hood wider than the range and taller than the other cabinets.
3. Open Shelves
These aren’t closed like cabinets but they have basically the same function storage. Many modern homes showcased in magazines feature this type of shelving, and they look absolutely gorgeous.

However, the average homeowner is likely to be intimated by the idea because it may seem like for this to work, your dinnerware needs to be fancy, and you also need expensive decor. However, that’s not the case at all.

With good old organization, you can make open shelving look good. This type of shelving also gives the added benefit of making your space more airy. It’s also pretty efficient because you don’t have to open cabinets looking for something. You can easily tell where your items are.

4. Minimalistic Themes


Traditionally, furniture is ornate, but the modern aesthetics movement have swept across the globe and this spilled over kitchen cabinetry.

Minimalist designs typically have smooth edge profiles and sleek lines. Even the door handles have clean lines and are fuss-free. Colors are typically monochromatic, with many homeowners opting for white, beige, or gray.

Sometimes, contrasting shades such as navy blue and black are added into the mix for an even more starkly modern feel.

Don’t just limit yourself to these options though. You can find inspiration in interior and housekeeping magazines and then just change a few things to fit the style and statement you’re going for.

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