Best robot vacuums 2020

1. Dyson 360 Eye robot vacuum – best robot vacuum for reliability

Dyson RB01 NB 360 Eye (Nickel/Blue) -Twice The Suction of Any Robot Vacuum, 160 W

Instantly recognisable as a Dyson product, the 360 Eye is gorgeous. Well made, it has the same feeling of dependability (and usability) as their other vacuum cleaners. It might only measure 240 x 230mm, but it boasts of having ‘twice the suction of any other robot vacuum’. It also has the ability to look 360° around a room. And it has a high-quality carbon fibre brush bar (like the one found on the excellent Dyson V8 Handheld).

With one simple button – and a comprehensive smartphone app – it’s a breeze to use. Easy to set timers, it’ll even draw you a map to show how much cleaning it does while you’re at work. It isn’t the simplest device to link to your Wi-Fi, requiring long passwords and a fair amount of faffing. The transparent dust collector is easy to empty without creating a mess. The filters can be rinsed under the tap and the docking station sits flush with the wall.

The cord can be plugged in either on the right or left hand, depending on the nearest socket is. Watching the 360 Eye work is slow going but give it time – you’re at work after all. The excellent mapping cameras and sensors will cover open ground with ease. The short 45min battery life and slow recharge rate means it took over three hours to cover a large living room.

I did notice the camera works best in daylight – It gets a bit confused in the dark. However, the small size means it can get through chair legs more easily than the rest. At 12cm tall it might struggle under very low sofas, but I didn’t have an issue. First time I used it, I was embarrassed by how much dust and dirt it collected.

It was hugely impressive, with the living room looking and feeling cleaner. Over time though, I did get frustrated by its tendency to get stuck on the fireplace hearth (The Roomba or Miele had no issues with this). It became a bit of a joke as to where Dyson would be when we got home.



2.Eufy 11S



You don’t need to shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars for a good robotic vacuum. Typically selling for around $220, the Eufy RoboVac 11S earns a Very Good rating in our carpet cleaning test and does even better on bare floors. While it’s not the most efficient cleaner, and testers noted that it sometimes scatters debris, it does the job, operates quietly (like many robotic vacuums), and has a cliff sensor to keep it from tumbling down stairs. This robotic vacuum is not WiFi-enabled and can’t be used with a smartphone app.


3. Eufy RoboVac 11S Max

The Eufy 30C is an extremely quiet vacuum. Our testers note that they couldn’t even tell it was on or running, which makes it a great choice for those who might need to run a robotic vac while they’re home. This is one of the cheaper vacuums that really does the job: It earns an Excellent rating for bare floors. This vacuum is compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa; you can also program the robot through the manufacturer’s app.

4. iRobot Roomba e5


iRobot has been building robotic vacuums since the early 2000s, and the iRobot Roomba e5 is one of our top models for good reason: It earns Excellent ratings for surface carpet cleaning and bare floors. At less than $500, it falls in the middle of our picks, pricewise. This Roomba does not have a remote control, but you can schedule its cleaning times from an app and review its cleaning pattern after it’s finished.


5.Samsung Electronics R7040 Robot Vacuum


The Samsung R7040 costs a few hundred dollars less than Samsung’s stellar-performing robotic vacuum, the R7065, below. But you’re still getting a great vacuum for your money. The average total run time on our surfaces was around 49 minutes before this robotic vacuum thought it was done cleaning (the battery was not depleted), compared with 86 minutes for the R7065. Both models earn an Excellent rating for bare floors and carpet cleaning. The R7040 earns a higher ease-of-use rating than the R7065. Samsung’s Smart Things app allows you to check the status of the bot as well as schedule it and view cleaning history.

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