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7 Lovely Dining Room Design Ideas for Minimalists

Are you afraid of taking a minimalistic approach to designing your dining spot? Many people are. They often think minimalist looks equals a dining area that looks boring.

Well, that’s not the case! A simple dining room design can still be interesting and lively when the right elements match together.

Here, we’ll give you 7 lovely dining room design ideas for minimalists. These no-fuss ideas to creating your eating spot will surely liven up your gathering spot in simple yet stunning ways!

1. A Light and Intimate Feel

Place a round dining table in the center of your room. This creates more intimacy than an oval or rectangular table. Then, pair it with light-hued woven chairs. Top it off with a simple beaded chandelier. This design works best in dining rooms with white walls, dark brown wood floors, and large doors that let natural sunlight in.

2. Minimalistic Tight Spot

Banquettes, tulip tables, and pedestal tables are your best bets in designing a minimalist dining area on tight spots. Add a simple side chair for an extra seat without sacrificing added space.

Liven up the place without being eccentric by using solid color combinations in your banquette, side chair, and table. A few textured throw pillows on the banquette may also brighten up the spot.

3. Sleek and Simple

Combine iron and wood to create a simple yet sleek modern dining area. Use a rectangular wood table with iron legs and move it near a white wall. Then, tuck in wooden chairs with sleek iron stands underneath the table. Complete this minimalist dining room design with a black industrial-style vintage lighting and a large oval mirror to seamlessly expand your room space visually.

4. Graphic Floor Elegance

Place a patterned carpet in subdued tones on your dining room for a posh and modern update on a minimalist dining area. It’s best to match your carpet’s hues with your chair’s colors. Try using beige upholstered chairs with wooden stands and a light-hued carpet with a plaid-like modern design. Complete the look with a wooden rectangular table and modern light fixtures in black and white.

5. Eye-Catching Lighting Fixtures

Pimp up your minimalist dining room design with a creative lighting fixture. It adds character and oomph to a sleek modern design. Angular fixtures, sculpted lights, and industrial-style lighting make for some interesting focal points of your minimalist dining room.

6. Let the Outdoor View In

Do you have lush greens or the relaxing sea as your natural dining room backdrop? Then, let the lovely view in by making it the focal point of your dining area!

A streamlined table, plastic chairs in a light hue, a lighting fixture that exudes a relaxed aura are all you need to create this refreshing minimalist dining room design. Glass walls and sliding doors let the outdoor view in.

7. Adjacent to the Kitchen

Is your dining table a counter directly from your kitchen? Simply place tall black chairs around the counter to create a minimalistic eating spot adjacent to the kitchen. You can match the chairs to complement the view of your staggered kitchen cabinets. Top off the look with fresh flowers on a clear vase placed on top of the counter.

While you’re at it, here’s an easy way how to stagger kitchen cabinets: Use an ‘up-down-up-down-up’ rhythm in designing your cabinets. Make sure your cabinets feature balanced widths. This staggered cabinet look can become the centerpiece of your minimalist adjacent-to-the-kitchen dining spot.

The Wrap-Up

There you have it, seven lovely minimalist dining room design ideas! As you can see, the right mix-and-match of design elements creates a beautifully sleek dining spot for your home. Simplicity need not be boring

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