5 Tips for Designing a Bedroom in a Small Space

5 Tips for Designing a Bedroom in a Small Space

You can learn different tricks to make the most out of your small space. From HOW TO STAGGER KITCHEN CABINETS to how to build vertical storage, the key is to make use of space strategically and smartly.
Designing a bedroom in a small space can be tricky, but these five tips will surely be of much help!

#1: Work Around the Bed
The focal point of your bedroom should be the bed. Everything else must work around it.
If you want your bed to be the main attraction, place it where it’ll be most noticeable. In most cases, this would be right in the middle of the main wall.
Don’t put your bed against a corner. Having space on both sides of the bed will make the room look more spacious.
#2: Use Tall Curtains
You can use design tricks to make your room appear taller. When installing curtains, for instance, hang them as close as you can to the ceiling. This gives an illusion of height and space to an otherwise cramped room.
The curtain design can also have an impact, too. Remember the fashion hack that vertical lines can make you look taller? The same trick can apply to your drapery. Vertical lines can make your room appear taller, while horizontal lines can make your room look wider.
#3: From Wall to Ceiling
Colors can affect the mood and perceived size of your room. This is the same reason why some prefer to dress in black (because black is slimming). Choosing light, airy colors will give a sense of bigger space to your room, as opposed to using dark colors like black.
Another trick is painting the walls and ceiling with a single color. Use the same color as, or a shade lighter than, the walls. This tricks the eye that the color is one continuous length, making your bedroom look larger.
#4: Bring Plenty of Light’But Save on Floorspace
Remember the question HOW TO STAGGER KITCHEN CABINETS? The trick is to think vertically. The same goes from bedroom lighting. Keeping a small room with lots of light will make it look and feel more spacious because you won’t see the shadows encroaching in. But instead of using desk lamps or floor lamps that can use up valuable floorspace, bring in mounted and hanging lamps instead.
Installing lamps on your walls won’t fill up your space. You can also use those lamps as accent pieces to your overall design.
#5: Get Creative with Storage
Instead of relying on big, bulky dressers, get creative with where and how you use storage.
For example, you can use pull-out drawers beneath your bed to store shoes or spare blankets. Instead of a plain headboard, you can build an arched shelf that can serve both as a headboard and as a place to store your books, small potted plants, and the like.
You can also find dual-purpose furniture meant for tight spaces. One example includes benches or chairs with a hidden storage area beneath the cushions. Another one is a loft bed that has a worktable built underneath.

Now that you know how to spruce up a small bedroom, learning HOW TO STAGGER KITCHEN CABINETS won’t seem so difficult. Why don’t you try these five tips and transform your bedroom to its fullest potential?

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