4 Design Must-haves For Modern Houses

4 Design Must-haves For Modern Houses

Modern interior design will always be relevant because of its simplicity, function, and elegance. So if you’re looking to transform your home and get that contemporary feel, here are some of the defining features of many modern houses.

Good lighting
Good lighting can spell the difference between a dreary room that you don’t want to do anything in, and one that just makes you feel good. This doesn’t mean that you should just install as many bright bulbs and lamps as you can. Too much lighting, especially the artificial kind, can make the room feel stark.
The best way to get good lighting is to consider natural lighting especially when making renovations. Increase the amount if natural lighting your home can get through huge windows and skylights.
If you can’t do much about increasing the amount of natural lighting, create a lighting plan. For starters, you can include accent lighting. A good example are down lights in certain spots in the kitchen, such as on the bottom parts of wall cabinets and or top shelving, to shed a good amount of light into your counter top.

Integrated or built-in appliances
Give your kitchen cabinetry that polished look by building spaces that are tailored|customized for huge kitchen appliances and fixtures such as stoves, dishwashers, and refrigerators. This way, the appliance will sit flush with your cabinetry.
There are two ways to get this done. You can use the overlay technique which refers to the practice of covering the appliance with a panel that would match existing cabinetry. With this technique, the appliance will be protruding a bit to allow you to open the fridge doors without the sides of the cabinet obstructing it.
The other option is full integration in which the panel is completely integrated into the entire cabinetry design, hence the name. This is more streamlined but also more difficult to pull off and more expensive.
Open layout
The common living areas in your home such as the kitchen, the dining room, the TV room, and the sitting room should flow into the adjoining areas. This is especially nice if you have a large family or you frequently entertain. You can take this up a notch by ‘connecting’ the outdoor living area such as the patio through French doors or wide patio doors.
Non cookie-cutter cabinetry
Cabinets with clean, crisp lines can make your home look fresh. You have so many choices these days. You can opt for black cabinets with black hardware for that sexy, ultra-modern look. You can go for the complete opposite a glossy white finish with matching white table.
In your bedroom, you can create a contemporary feel with cabinets that span the entire length of the wall. Because there is no visible space in between your cabinets and the ceiling, you get a more cohesive feel, not to mention more storage space.
You can add more visual interest by using staggered cabinetry. There are many guides on how to stagger kitchen cabinetry that should give you inspiration and help you plan.
Modern homes are known for looking sleek while giving off a cozy vibe. It’s no surprise that many homeowners want this type of aesthetic, and you can’t go wrong with this style if you do decide to go for it.

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